McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist – Better PM Services

Better PM Services Ent - McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge

Better PM Services Ent is into purchasing and marketing of all cereals and legumes aimed at preventing periodic food shortages especially in the Upper East Region of Ghana. Better Pm Services started in 2016 and is duly registered in Ghana . We initially worked mainly in a locality now Binduri district and subsequently expanded to a second market in Pusiga given our increased turnover.

We supply several kinds of cereals and legumes to food processing companies, schools, hospitals, food vendors and households in Ghana. We also help farmers to conveniently store their farm produce to prevent post harvest loses and food shortage. We assist farmers through our farmer-services centre to increase yield and adopt new farming strategies aimed at maximising yields. Also, we will in the near future add value to these farm products and services, especially cashew and shea nuts to be exported to the Chinese and European markets. We are currently based in Pusiga with representatives in Kumasi and Accra for delivery purposes.

Our business lines are +233240052614 and +233277260080

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