Last Chance to Apply for Season 2 of the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge

by Simon R Turner

Calling all entrepreneurs in Ghana!

Following the recent Grand Finale of Season 1 of the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge – which saw Alhassan Koligu Hamza walk away with $100,000 USD to build his shea butter business in the North Eastern Region, as part of the 1.1 million GHS ($205,000 USD) in prizes in total given to our Top 10 Finalists – there’s just a few days left for entrepreneurs to apply for Season 2.

We’ve extended the deadline a little to take account of some exciting innovations happening in Ghana to address Covid19 and other startups who don’t want to miss out on this huge opportunity.

Coming soon to TV in Ghana, Season 2 will see Dr Daniel McKorley lead his jury, which includes our new judge, Dzigbordi, together with Percy Amoo-Yankey and myself.

You have until 11.59pm on Wed 8 April 2020 to apply.

Hear more from Season 1 champion Hamza and find out how to apply for Season 2:

Good luck!

The Hustle is Real!

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McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist – Alkoh Shea Butter

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist - Alkoh Shea Butter

ALKOH SHEA is a start up shea butter production and sale business located in Gambaga in Northern Ghana.  The firm adopts modern tools and technology to produce quality shea butter in a hygienic environment to meet international standards. We also supply shea kernel,  and other products of the company include  shea butter cosmetic and natural products.

At ALKOH SHEA, we do not just meet customers’ expectation but we also create everlasting relationships for mutual benefits.

TEL: 0245942103 and 0201760346


Facebook: Alkoh Shea

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist – Kente Master

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist - Kente Master

Kente Master is a Young Social Enterprise which is into the production of high quality original Kente products whilst leveraging on digital technology to market and supply these products globally, creating newer and wider markets for local Kente weavers, economically empowering them as well as other young artisans, while also promoting this unique Ghanaian culture. 

Our main products include : Graduation Stoles, Clothing and Accessories, however, our main product at the moment is the Kente Graduation Stole and Kente Master has over the past four years collaborated and sold stoles to University students and Associations in Ghana, US, UK, South Africa, Germany among others and we are looking forward to expanding our markets and our product line.

Address: Kumasi Business Incubator, KNUST


Facebook: kente master

Instagram: @kentemaster

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist – Premor Tea

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist - Premor Tea

Premor Limited manufactures tea from various herb-blends such as Prekese, Moringa, Peppermint, Lemon grass, Dandelion among several others.

The company hopes to be identified amongst key industry players in the West Africa. “Premor Tea” – our brand name on the market – can be enjoyed by anyone willing and conscious of their health. The company prides itself from transforming everyday herbs into tea for healthy-daily-living!


Facebook: PremorTea

Instagram: premor_madeinghana

Twitter: PremorTea

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist – Myda Foods

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist - Myda Foods

MydaFoods Ltd is a registered food processing company located at Adenta – Accra. Our products are available in three natural varieties, packaged in compliance with international standard packaging requirements.

Our products are sold in selected outlets and our primary targets are babies (above 6 months) and individuals conscious about healthy eating. Our endeavour into cereal processing was as a result of personal experience of the founder when she had her first child. After breastfeeding for 3 months the child stopped and she developed them to feed her, after the child’s 1 year birthday, she certified them to help other mothers in similar situation. It is against this background that MydaFoods was born, to pursue the production and marketing of the products.

Tel: 0544503479

Facebook: MydaFoods
Instagram: MydaFoods
Twitter: FoodsMyda

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist – Coliba

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist - Coliba
From an idea of just building a mobile platform that puts recycling services at users finger tips, COLIBA is fastly changing the way recycling is done through digitalisation, incentive based recovery model and processing of various recyclables that would have ended up on Landfill. 

At COLIBA, recycling and sustainable waste management is redefined through a shared and circular economy model.


Facebook:  colibame

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist – Seepig Farm

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist - See Pig Farm
Seepig Farm supports smallholder pig farmers in input and management services to produce healthy lean pigs and eventually aggregate their products for supply to customers at their convenience.

We provide value both for the pig farmer and the customer through access to available market for the pig farmer and variety of pork parts and reliable service to the customer.
Facebook: seepigfarm
Instagram: seepigfarm
Twitter: seepigfarm
LinkedIn: seepigfarm

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist – Tiger House

McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge Season 1 Finalist - Tiger House

Tiger House uses tiger nut as raw material, extract the milk from the chaff and process them into different products, ranging from food to household products. They are currently in the market with the brand names; Organikz Tiger Nut Milk, Tiger Nut Biscuit and Tiger Nut Laundry Starch.

Tiger House promotes and educates people on the need to eat natural and healthy products as they believe “your health is your diet !” They also offer Purchasing and Supply of both fresh and dried quality tiger nuts to companies and individuals for export. They believe in the health and economic potential of these nuts and hope to build Tiger House Farms attached to their production and become the Hub of Tiger Nut in Africa.

Tiger House LTD, Ankaful-Elmina Road, Nkontrodo, Cape Coast
P. O. Box UC 55, Cape coast- Ghana
Digital address: CK-0205-9349

Telephone: 0240752535 and 054 634 8842


Facebook: @tigerhousegh

Twitter: @tigerhousegh1